Countdown to Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas. It’s always been a big deal at home; huge, real Christmas trees, shopping for new decorations, big family get-togethers, leaving a Guinness out for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. This is my first Christmas away from home, in a country that doesn’t really celebrate it, and it’s kind of strange.

My Korean co-workers seem to be constantly amused at how excited I am about Christmas, and how many cards and boxes have ended up on my desk. I’ve been counting down the sleeps every morning with my kindergarteners and teaching them Christmas song after Christmas song. Since December 1st I have been nagging Nath to let me put up my Tesco Value Christmas tree that I found in Homeplus, and this is the finished product!

My wonderful Mum sent me a package of proper Christmas decorations for my apartment so it feels like the next best thing to being at home (thank you Mum!). Another huge thank you to all of our parents for the growing pile of presents underneath the tree, and a big enough supply of Cadbury’s to last us until the summer! Thank yoooooooou!

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