Jokbal and Oli gogi

So, tonight I had my first, and perhaps last, experience of eating pig trotters (jokbal).

We went out for a work dinner to celebrate the start of the new school year, and my co-teachers couldn’t get enough of them but we waygookin weren’t as convinced.

They were mouth meltingly spicy, my tongue was completely numb after the first (and only!) piece. However, after a few chews I realised that the extreme spiciness was probably to disguise the texture. I’m still not sure how to describe it, or what I could compare it to as it was pretty unique. Imagine big knuckles of warm, rubbery lard and you’re probably on the right lines.

Fortunately, after the trauma of trying to eat the pig trotters, a huge platter of pink duck meat was placed in front of us. Juicy, smoked, delicious goodness. This was more like it.

It is called oli gogi in Korean, and it was served with the usual array of sauces, salads and kimchi. We polished it off in minutes, and I am already looking forward to having it again.

One of my main reasons for moving here was for new experiences, and whilst it was definitely worth a try, once is enough for me!

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