Snail face cream. Yep, that’s right. Snail mucus for your face.

Korean women seem to possess such a natural beauty that when they let you in on their secrets it’s hard to argue with them. At least that’s what I thought.

One of my students gave me a snail mucus face mask gift set recently, and at first I wasn’t sure whether to take it as a compliment or be slightly offended. The ensuing gasps from my co-teachers soon told me that this was something to be very pleased with.

It turns out that snail mucus is the latest skincare trend in Korea and snail mucus products are flying off the shelves in almost every cosmetics shop.

These ‘intense snail care masks’ contain ‘astonishing filtered liquid of snail mucin that is a source of boosting vitality‘.¬†Furthermore it claims to ‘fully replenish the skin with its ample moisture to solidify the skin’s hydration barrier’.

Like most Korean face masks, it was a sheet that you place over your face with holes for your eyes and mouth. Got a bit of a fright when I caught sight of myself in the mirror the first time I used one; looks more like a Halloween costume than a beauty product!

The packaging said to leave it on for 30 mins, and once I got past the slimy feeling of the sheet on my face, and how much it reminded of a snail, it was actually quite pleasant. And it did make my skin feel very soft afterwards!

Snail mucus seems to be taking Korea by storm, I wonder if it will ever catch on at home…?

2 comments on “Snail face cream. Yep, that’s right. Snail mucus for your face.

  1. I can imagine people being grossed out at this in the beginning but I can also imagine it becoming a trend; Asian beauty trends always create a huge buzz in the West so I’m sure snail mucus will too!

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