Yeongjongdo Island

We had another national holiday in Korea this week, and along with what seemed like half the population of Incheon, we left the city for a day at the beach. After an emotional goodbye with Nath’s parents at the end of a wonderful two week visit, we caught the bus from the airport to Eurwangni beach.

In many ways Eurwangni was just like a typical beach resort at home; seafood restaurants, arcades and even noraebang, it was all a little bit tacky to be honest. As soon as the thermometer in England reaches 23°C the beach becomes a sea of milk bottle legs, moobs and sunburn. However, the beaches at Yeongjongdo were awash with tents, umbrellas and even blankets despite the 32°C heat!

To me, a day at the beach meant enjoying an ice cream, working on my tan and maybe even building a sandcastle. Nathan had other ideas though. A 10 minute walk just ‘to see what’s around the corner’ turned into a 5 mile trek up and down Eurwangni beach. And if that wasn’t enough we then headed further up the coast to the quieter Wangsan beach.

I paddled in Korean waters for the first time, I caught my first glimpse of Korean paddy fields, and I had my first batting cage experience (needless to say SK Wyverns have nothing to worry about there). The island and its beaches were beautiful and it was nice to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for an afternoon.

Eurwangni Beach

A seafood restaurant

Steam rising off the mudflats

Eurwangni Beach

Seafood restaurants

Abandoned anchors on Eurwangni Beach

Fishermen at Eurwangni Beach

Walkway at Eurwangni Beach

A seafood restaurant at Eurwangni Beach

A slightly more rustic dining experience…

Two girls looking for crabs

View across the beach


Eurwangni Beach

The tide was out at Eurwangni Beach

4 comments on “Yeongjongdo Island

  1. Thanks for posting your blog, good read, I’ll be heading to korea for the first time in August, I’ve just started working for an entertainment company based in Australia and we are heading over to work and also have a nice holiday!

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