63 Building, Seoul

63 Tower, situated on Yeouido Island in Seoul, is one of South Korea’s tallest buildings at almost 250m high. Surrounded by the Han River, it’s an iconic feature of the city’s skyline. It is not only beautifully striking from the outside, but the art gallery and observatory on the 60th floor offer stunning views of Seoul, even during the hot, hazy Korean summer.

5 comments on “63 Building, Seoul

  1. Hi.. I love your blog!! It totally makes me excited about going to korea in a few months… although there’s a few things i’m worried about… I head from loads of people that you have to take a medical when you get there? Many people said they hated this experience etc i just wondered what if you had to do this?

    • Hey! Thank you! You must so excited, where abouts in Korea are you moving to? Yes, every foreigner arriving to work in Korea has to undergo a medical but it’s really not bad, although slightly daunting because of the language barrier. They take a blood sample, a urine sample (which is usually what people complain about!), they look at your teeth, your eyesight, height, weight, pulse, and they take a chest x-ray. That’s about it I think! It’s nothing to worry about, just something you have to do. Is there anything else you’re worried about moving here? 🙂

      • Ahh thanks a lot… i’m torn between Incheon and Seoul, I know more about Seoul and the different areas but I have a few Korean friends in both cities ha so it’s hard. I am a little worried about the fact that Korean women seem to be really thin and tiny… I’m quite tall and in no means a stick hahaha but i’m sure that will be no problem… but yes, i’m excited! Just getting my paperwork sorted now so I can start applying

      • Ahh, we live in Incheon and love it! It’s just close enough to Seoul without being in Seoul. Good luck making your decision! Yeah, that was a little daunting for me too. I’m short but also by no means a stick! It’s really not that bad though, I haven’t had any problems shopping or anything like that.

  2. I thought that’s what might be quite good about Incheon, you can visit Seoul whenever without being in the middle of it all… Right now I’m in the middle of getting all my paper work seen by a lawyer etc etc Such a hassle haha, then i’ll be applying for jobs, bit nervous about the phone interviews though, but i’m hoping to get out there by the end of November.
    Been buying supplied like reward stickers and useful worksheet packs… Getting my mum to post them on hahaha

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