Seoraksan, Sokcho and Naksan October 2011

Photos from our weekend hiking in Seoraksan and staying in Sokcho.

4 comments on “Seoraksan, Sokcho and Naksan October 2011

    • Hey! We went to Seoraksan the weekend of 22nd October last year. The leaves were stunning and the weather was cool but not cold. We did have a little bit of rain though one morning but it only lasted about an hour. Are you planning on going this year?

  1. Yes Amy, In fact I was planning to go to Soraksan with my family somewhere in mid Oct 2012 since I ve been trying to look for Autumn leaves schedule from the Korean sites but to no avail. A comprehensive schedule was drawn out from the Japanese site in Japan but sadly non from Korea for this year. As the global shifting of weather pattern affect the falling leaves I have more or less decided to be in Soraksan in mid Oct should there be a week of hit and miss. Maybe I may not be that far off from the maximum autumn colours. We are not keen to compete with the Ajumas for the trail hiking but to enjoy the maximum colours of the falls.
    Last year I was way off the target for the colours . We ve been to Korea for 5th times during different seasons. July is extremely wet and Dec/Jan is stone cold. Regards from Malaysia.

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