Day 14 – Bangkok

On first arriving in Bangkok all the clich├ęs about this city seem to be true. We hadn’t even left the airport before we’d spotted a ladyboy, it seems perfectly acceptable, expected even, to have a beer with breakfast, and I’ve now heard enough Bob Marley to last me a lifetime.


But despite all the touts, their myriad of scams, and the rats brazenly strolling down Khao San Road, I actually really like Bangkok!

It’s an utterly insane place, but it has such a laidback atmosphere that it’s hard not to fall into the habit of grabbing a beer at 4 3 o’clock in the afternoon.


But Bangkok isn’t all cocktail buckets and ping-pong shows, and if your hangover can survive the heat there are some beautiful temples and museums to explore, too. Just as long as you’re back in the bar by 3!